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How to Request Support

How Do I Create a Support Ticket?

To Create a support ticket, send a descriptive email to to create a ticket. Bonus points for including the following details.

General Issues

  1. What is your goal?
  2. What steps were taken?
  3. What was expected?
  4. What actually happened?
  5. How was the cluster accessed? Web Portal, SSH, VNC, etc.?
  6. What software were you using? Please be as specific as possible. The command module list can be helpful here.


  1. What part of the cluster is affected? Please list any relevant affected nodes or other hardware that is not accessible. If you are unable to access the cluster please state that instead.
  2. What were you working on when you noticed the outage?
  3. How were you accessing the cluster? Web Portal, SSH, VNC, etc.?

Finding Common Information

Please see our FAQ, especially How To.

How Do I Request Or Change A Project Space?

Projects are collaborative data and code storage spaces with controlled access. Any UAB investigator with a legitimate research need can request a project storage space. Please send an email with the following information, depending on what you need.

For more details on project storage, please see our Storage page.

New Projects

  1. What is the purpose of the project space?
  2. What should we name the project? Short, descriptive, memorable names work best. The name will be used as the project folder name in our file system, so alphanumeric, underscore and dash characters only please.
  3. Who should have access? Please provide a list of blazerids. The intended project owner will always have access.

Access Management

  1. What is the name of the project?
  2. Who should be given access?
  3. Who should no longer have access?


  1. What is the name of the project?
  2. How much additional or total space will be needed?

How do I request new software installed?

Before making a request for new software on Cheaha, please try searching our modules or searching for packages on Anaconda.

If you are not able to find a suitable module or package and would like a new piece of software installed on Cheaha, please create a ticket with the name of the software, the version number, and a link to the installation instructions.

Office Hours

For our office hours links please see Contact Us.

Status Updates

For status updates affecting our systems or services please visit!/incidentlist?componentId=34990.

At this page you can subscribe to notifications using the bell icon next to the name "Research Computing" near the top-left of the page.

subscribe button on status update page

Last update: August 12, 2022