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Managing UAB XIAS Users


These instructions are intended for use by UAB-employed PIs to organize external collaborators, also known as guests. UAB PIs: Please direct guests here for instructions on creating their accounts.


To complete these steps you will first need to createa a Project/Site

UAB XIAS User management allow UAB faculty and staff to grant external collaborators access to specific resources on the internal UAB Campus Network. All XIAS users must be connected with at least one site, so you'll need to create one at the UAB XIAS User Management Webpage. All XIAS Users must also have an expiration date.

Adding Users

Before adding users, have a list of user emails handy for the site you wish to add users to, as well as expiration dates for each user. You will need to create a Project/Site before you can add external collaborators.

  1. To start go to the UAB XIAS User Management Webpage and click Manage Users in the left menu.

  2. Select the Project/Site you wish to add users to from the drop down box.

    !Select Project/Site drop down box opened with a site highlighted by the mouse cursor.

  3. Click "Register" to open a form for adding new users.

    !User registration form with checked Checkbox whose label has the previously selected site. Form also has End Date textbox and unlabeled text box which accepts a list of email addresses.

  4. Fill in the form. All fields are required.

    1. Checkbox list - Leave the site checked.
    2. End date - An expiration date for the users being added. Cannot be longer than the end date for the selected Project/Site.
    3. Text box - Enter a list of e-mail addresses for users to add.

    !Completed user registration form.

  5. Click "Submit" to move to a confirmation page.

    !Confirmation page with table containing emails entered on user registration form, one per row.

  6. Check the emails are correct and click "Add" to submit the information Emails will be sent to all email addresses for next steps. You will be redirected to the UAB XIAS User Management Webpage, which should now have the text "Registration successful." near the top.

    !UAB XIAS User Management Webpage with the text Registration successful.

  7. To complete their registration, please direct your external collaborators to the UAB XIAS Guest Users page. When they have completed their registration, you should receive an email like the following.

    !Email sample received following XIAS user registration. Includes user name and email as well as sites and URI resources.

  8. Once the guest XIAS account has been created, the guest will need to login at and follow the automated Cheaha Account Creation Process to create a Cheaha account. They will need to use the same email and password they used when creating their XIAS account.

Discovering and Managing Users

There are two ways to discover XIAS users you are currently sponsoring. The first is to search by email address. The second is to list all users associated with a site.

Discovering Users

  1. To locate users by e-mail address: type their email into the "Locate specific user(s) by e-mail address" text field on the "Manage Users" page.

    !UAB XIAS User Management Webpage. An email search has been performed using the text field and a table listing names and emails is present at the top of the page.

  2. To manage users by site: select the site from the drop-down box and click the "List" button. The page will reload with a table containing name, email, and start and end dates. The end date is when the XIAS user registration expires. To change the end date for user(s), click the "Sel" checkbox next to their names, enter a date in the "Change end date for selected users to" text field, and click "Update".

    !UAB XIAS User Management Webpage. A site listing has been performed using the site selection drop-down box and list button. A table of names, emails, start and end dates is present at the top of the page, along with checkboxes for changing end dates.

Revoking User Privileges



Users cannot have their XIAS account deleted. However, privileges may be revoked. To revoke user privileges, follow the instructions for managing users by site. Update the desired user(s)' end date to a date earlier than the current date.


If you need to urgently revoke privileges, please also notify UAB IT by emailing as soon as possible. Please be clear about what is needed and when.