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External Collaborator (XIAS) Accounts

This segment of the docs has instructions for managing and creating XIAS accounts for external collaborators.

External collaborators require XIAS accounts to access Cheaha. Obtaining an account requires a UAB-employed sponsor, typically a research PI, who will claim responsibility for the external collaborator. The XIAS account creation process is initiated by the sponsor, not by the external collaborator.

An overview of creating an external collaborator account:

  1. The sponsor must first:
    1. Create and manage XIAS Sites
    2. Create and manage XIAS Guests
  2. The guest must then Create a XIAS Guest Account

We recommend the sponsor and guest stay in close contact during the process in case anything unexpected occurs. If you encounter difficulties with any part of the XIAS website process, please contact AskIT. If you encounter difficulties with the Cheaha account creation portion at the Open OnDemand web portal, please contact Support

Last update: September 16, 2022