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Training Resources

Internal Resources

  • AI at UAB: AI-related resources, available to UAB Employees and the broader community, encompassing safety protocols, ethical principles, and diverse applications of AI, including current trends.
  • Informatics Club: A UAB group for students and trainees to learn more about informatics.
    • Code, Chat & Collab: A recurring meet-up hosted by the Informatics Club where students, staff and faculty can meet to discuss informatics, data analysis, software development, and Cheaha use.
    • Events and Resources: A collection of useful resources provided by the Informatics club.
  • LinkedIn Learning: Online courses available for free to UAB employees. Topics include programming, data science, and more.

External Resources

The Carpentries

The Carpentries is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to educating researchers on software and data skills. Using inclusive and accessibly best practices, they build, maintain and promote high-quality instructional material for a range of software and data-oriented concepts.

Rigor & Reproducibility Tools

  • Community for Rigor: a group of scientists from various universities and research institutions in the United States has collaborated to develop educational materials aimed at facilitating the teaching and learning of the principles and practices of scientific rigor.
  • Rigor & Reproducibility Tool Repository: Contains various tools related to rigor and reproducibility, along with links to relevant landing pages.

Other External Resources

  • A platform for learning bioinformatics and programming.
  • Transcriptomics: A course teaching students to independently analyze high-throughput sequencing data from gene expression (RNA-seq) studies using lightweight, open-source software and the R programming language with Bioconductor packages.
  • MATLAB upcoming events: MATLAB offers a range of upcoming events, including data-oriented, programming-oriented, and domain-specific training sessions. Many of these events are free to attend.

Suggested Reading

Our Social Media Presence

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  • GitHub: Contains several repos used on the YouTube channel.