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Reporting Documentation Errors


This page is only for reporting errors with the documentation. For issues related to our computing services, please contact Support.

Our documentation is hosted on GitHub at To report errors, make requests, and contribute to the documentation, you'll need to Create a GitHub Account if you do not have one already.

How Do I Report Inaccurate Information?

To report inaccurate information please create an Inaccuracy Report.

How Do I Report a Bug?

Bug reports are intended to be issues with page appearance and feature functionality. They are not intended for inaccurate information. See [Report Inaccurate Information] to report inaccuracies.

To report a bug please create a Bug Report.

How Do I Request an Article or Section?

To request an article or section, please create an Article Request.

How Can I Fix It Myself?

To get started creating content, please see our Contributor Guide. We assume you are already somewhat familiar with Git, GitHub, Markdown, and writing technical information for an educated audience with diverse backgrounds and expertise.